Electric vehicles and their impact on the economy


Študent: Tilen Vajs

Tilen Vajs is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in February 2023.


Diploma paper Tilen Vajs

The basic hypothesis of the thesis is that electric cars contribute more to the recovery of the economy than cars powered by propellant fuels, I established this and presented it with a SWOT analysis.In my project, I presented my opinion on electric cars and their future.

I found out whether the European Union is ready to stop the sale of cars with propellant fuels, and how this will help to manage the economy. I analyzed how the covid-19 epidemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war effected the procurement of materials for the production of electric vehicles, and how this also subsequently affected the sale of them.

With the help of a survey, I also collected and analyzed data with which I found out if the purchase of a type of car depends on gender.I also presented how companies are prepareing for another unpredictable event, such as a war or a virus.

Most of the big car companies, due to the lack of external parts, started to produce a lot more parts themselves, so that they are no longer so dependent on cooperation with other companies. In my thesis, I also described the beginning of the Tesla company and which models they currently sell.

As we all know, Tesla is one of the main companies when it comes to electric vehicles. Tesla’s plan is also to expand the sale of vehicles and solar cells throughout the world, if at all possible. Interest in the purchase of electric vehicles skyrocketed when Tesla introduced its first electric vehicle that matched the performance of fuel-powered vehicles.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the entire automotive industry had problems with the procurement of chips, as almost all automotive companies ordered chips from the same chip manufacturer, which had to stop chip production during the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic, as a result, the shortage of chips was not only in the automotive industry, but also in the manufacture of electronic devices such as telephones, consoles, computers.

In our thesis, by studying the literature, we realized how long the lack of chips would last. We made a swot analysis in which we compared electric vehicles with fuel vehicles. We also examined what was the main reason for the lack of vehicle stocks during the covid-19 pandemic and during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

In the thesis, we also compared the sales of electric vehicles in Slovenia with other countries in the European Union.


Diploma paper Tilen Vajs


Diploma paper Tilen Vajs

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