Ensuring safety on the bread packaging line

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Elvedin Omerović

Elvedin Omerović is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in October 2021.


Diploma paper Elvedin Omerović

The final thesis explains how we ensure safety on the bread packaging line, and also discusses ensuring the safety of machines in general. Machine safety is the basis for safe human-machine cooperation.

The following explains what we need to pay attention to in terms of safety and how the safety of machines is implemented. Legislation is also presented as it is very important in creating new products as well as machines. Manufacturers must comply with the law in order to be able to launch the product on the market or into operation.

The basic set of rules for designing a safe machine is the act on technical requirements and conformity assessment and the implementing regulation, the rules on safety of machinery, which fully transposes the European machinery directive, which contains a number of proposals that can be achieved if to keep the machine safe.

The CE marking is mandatory for the launch of a new machine on the European market. Manufacturers may issue the CE marking themselves, but must ensure that they have designed their machinery in accordance with the principles of the Machinery Directive.

We will learn how to detect hazards as well as how to deal with accident prevention measures. The safety of the product or machine is of key importance for a smooth work process, which can be achieved not only by safe planning, but also by following the instructions for safe work of the manufacturer and training of machine operators.

A machine is considered to be safe if it cannot be endangered during its regular use and in the event of reasonably suspected misuse. We will learn how, from the very beginning, manufacturers have been working to ensure safety on their machines from the very design, manufacture, installation and use of the machine.

During the design and manufacture of machinery, the manufacturer, with a risk assessment, assesses all possible hazards and hazard points. On this basis, the manufacturer shall take appropriate design measures to eliminate or reduce the risk.

If the risk cannot be eliminated or the residual risk cannot be tolerated, the manufacturer must select and use appropriate protective devices and, if necessary, provide information on the residual risks.

The packaging line in a company that produces food products consists of several machines and thus forms a set of machines. Instructions on how the operator uses the set of machines safely will be presented, as well as the obligations and responsibilities of the employers themselves.

Diploma paper Elvedin Omerović


Diploma paper Elvedin Omerović

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