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Graphic Design

Študent: Vanesa Jaušovec

Vanesa Jaušovec is a graduate of the Media Production study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in April 2023.


Diploma paper Vanesa Jaušovec

In the thesis, we investigated the history of the newspaper and its typical structure. We then presented and analyzed the design of the Vestnik newspaper in detail. In the end, we did the cover redesign.

The Vestnik newspaper is a weekly paper published every Thursday. It mainly covers news from Pomurje, but you can also read about the news from other parts of Slovenia and the world. In my thesis, I will analyze this newspaper in detail and redesign the cover.

Before that, I will explore the history of the newspaper, its features, and the entire process of creating a newspaper. With practical knowledge, I will then redesign the cover. Since I am working with the company, I will also highlight the current observations and make a suitable product. I will also investigate the printing process and its impact on nature and sustainability.

The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, we investigated the history, type, composition of the newspaper, and its printing. Then we took a closer look at all of this in the example of Vestnik, analyzing one issue of the newspaper. We looked closer at the design, namely layout, typography, colors, and photos… We analyzed its front page, one of the current pages with the current page, and the back page.

I decided on these pages because the first and last are the most important for the reader and are a very special challenge for the designer. I chose the running page to present the contents of the newspaper. Later, I described the process of creating a newspaper in more detail, for example in which program the designer finds the articles, then in which program we design the newspaper, how we start designing, what are the constants, entering the articles and photos, and so on.

I also touched on the preparation for printing, how photos are prepared, and the PDF formats for it.

In the practical part, I designed the redesign of Vestnik’s cover. With previous knowledge from practice and from writing a thesis, I found an appropriate result with the help of thinking and drawing sketches. I presented the thought process in the design and argued my findings. I also gave my product to the company.

I wanted to upgrade the appearance of the current cover of the newspaper since it has been the same for several years.

Diploma paper Vanesa Jaušovec


Diploma paper Vanesa Jaušovec

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