Implementation of the rules for the installation and use of a private CNG filling station

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Andrej Flakus

Andrej Flakus is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in June 2022.


Diploma paper Andrej Flakus

Natural gas is a fossil fuel and it’s a product of the decomposition of organic matter. Its locations are below the surface of the earth and are usually associated with oil fields. It is formed by a mixture of hydrocarbons, most of which is methane CH4. Ethane, propane, butane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen are also present in small quantities. It is non-toxic and lighter than air, colorless, and odorless. For safety reasons, an odorizing agent is added to the distribution.

The transport of natural gas takes place through the natural gas distribution network, through regional and local gas pipeline networks, and from the gas collection point on the transmission system to the gas users. In Slovenia, there is a gas distribution network in 85 municipalities, which are operated by local natural gas distribution system operators.

Due to the growing concern for a healthy and clean environment, the use of natural gas in transport is significantly increasing. Nowadays, in addition to hydrogen, natural gas is the cleanest alternative fuel for propulsion and heating.

Carbon dioxide emissions from transport represents almost a quarter of all global emissions. The use of compressed natural gas in traffic contributes to much lower emissions and a significantly lower share of particulate matter in exhaust gases. Compressed natural gas is technologically processed, compressed to 200 bar, which as such takes up little space.

At the location of the company’s headquarters, we set up a private filling station on compressed natural gas, which enables the simultaneous refueling of two vehicles. Refueling takes place with the help of a compressor directly into the tank installed in the vehicle.

The proximity of the filling station makes it easier to access and autonomous, as well as higher economical filling.

As part of the applied part of the research project, I described the procedure and necessary activities for the construction and installation of the filling station.

At the same time, I studied and implemented the requirements of the legislation for proper placement in open space, technically compliant installation and operation, and compliant maintenance of the filling station.

By implementing the relevant regulations, I ensured the compliance of installation of the project, usage, and maintenance of a private filling station on compressed natural gas.

Diploma paper Andrej Flakus


Diploma paper Andrej Flakus

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