Improvement of the cyclone extraction unit on the Elhaus sawmill

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Sašo Pliberšek

Sašo Pliberšek is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2023.


Diploma paper Sašo Pliberšek

In today’s times, innovation and self-adjustment are often required in production in the search for solutions that achieve higher quality and higher productivity in the production of the final product. Most products go through various processing procedures, which achieve the desired product properties, but this also increases the number of low-quality products, because, with several different machining processes that are carried out on the product, we always increase the possibility of some kind of error or damage.

It is typical for production that companies receive orders randomly in relation to the needs of clients and depending on the market itself. In the automotive industry, it is usually the case that a “just in time” system is used. The product is delivered to the company exactly when it is needed and is not stored, as this saves a lot of storage space, which represents a large logistical burden for all companies that manufacture such products.

The company Impol manufactures most of its final products specifically for the automotive industry, and therefore the company is always in a time and logistics war, where the most important thing is that orders are made at the right time and to the highest possible quality. and of course in the appropriate quality.

Aluminum is one of the most desirable metals in the world today. Metal is found in the vehicle industry, money, construction, musical instruments, electrical conductors, household appliances, packaging, and others. In my diploma,

I will explain how the company Impol transforms aluminum alloys into bars and profiles. I will focus my attention on the cyclonic extraction device on the Elhaus machine saw, which is part of the 55 MN direct press. I don’t work in this workplace myself, but I participated in the optimization of this machine itself, with a small team, which was intended to solve the problems with the extraction of aluminum filings as soon as possible.

The key purpose of my task is to present how we reduced dead time, improved product quality, and improved workplace safety.

We carried out this project together with the operators of this machine, with whom we tested various solutions that were supposed to improve the extraction system. In this project, we tested the efficiency of a new type of saw blade, with which we achieved a better cut quality.

We have improved the system for performing TPM activities, thereby enabling the long-term relief of the machine operator. With various updates on the saw in combination with a new saw blade and updating the implementation of TPM activities, we have drastically reduced the dead time and costs related to the maintenance of the machine.


Diploma paper Sašo Pliberšek


Diploma paper Sašo Pliberšek

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