Improvement of the technological and economic study for the Kidričevo bypass,

Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Matej Baniček

Matej Baniček is a graduate of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in September 2022.


Diploma paper Matej Baniček

An important part of the documentation in construction is the technical-economic elaboration that supports construction companies throughout the construction process. This provides all instructions on the construction site to ensure that each operation is carried out in the correct manner.

In this thesis, the aim is to present an example of improvement of technological development for the implementation of the new construction of the Kidričevo Western Bypass, which connects the main road R2-432 Rogatec – Apaški križ, segment No. 1285 Majšperk – Hajdina in a total length of 4241.82m.

The aim was to present the current project status, planned interventions on the structure, individual work phases, project solutions, execution quality, planned paving materials, construction site organization, and mechanization. To these specific phases, improvements were added that were improved from an ethical, sustainable, and economic point of view.

Through specific hypotheses, it is presented that it is necessary to consider how the work could be facilitated in each phase of the work. It is important that for every waste material encountered on the construction site, careful consideration is given to whether it can be reused somewhere on the site.

Of course, the appropriate documentation must be obtained for this. With the proper use of materials and proper integration, we can extend the life of the building and its purposes. Any good operations manager should next read the technical report carefully. After all, everything about the project can be understood from it. He must delve into all phases of the work, from which he must understand what kind of work he is going to proceed.

All of this must then be spelled out in the technical and economic elaboration. In the thesis, some elaborated phases of work are highlighted. It is shown with what different purposes these phases were undertaken so that the execution of the work was facilitated in several ways. In this way, the importance of good preparation for the elaboration is presented.

Finally, one then has the opportunity to reflect on the most efficient and correct implementation, which is passed on to the construction management and the client. With a good execution of the technological-economic elaboration, the contractor can avoid all improper work execution procedures.

Above all, acting according to it will avoid all irregularities that would lead to unnecessary extra costs. The hypotheses presented here were intended to illustrate the importance of the link between the preparers of the techno-economic elaboration and the project managers.

This is because they can easily predict from their own experience on the construction site at the beginning of the elaboration which works phase is most suitable. Since

Diploma paper Matej Baniček


Diploma paper Matej Baniček

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