Introducing a new brand to the market


Študent: Bojan Regvat

Bojan Regvat is a graduate of the Economist - Commercialist module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in May 2024.


Diploma paper Bojan Regvat

The selection of the research project is practical, as we are currently launching a new brand in the Slovenian market at Avtotehna Oprema d.o.o.

In the twenty-first century, competitiveness and competition in both the domestic and global markets have become extremely ruthless. Battles are fought among competitors, whose product is superior, of higher quality, what it offers compared to the competition, which product is the best-selling, and why.

Which products bring greater profits to the company, and how long it will stay in the market? The competition is always stronger and faster, and it is necessary to keep up with both the product and the needs of customers. Nowadays, with all the technology, even the best innovations in products and technologies do not remain hidden from the competition for long, and the same applies to product sales.

The thesis consists of two parts, where the first part presents theoretical foundations, and the second part is empirical, in which an analysis was conducted using a questionnaire.

In the first part or the second chapter, there is a discussion of basic concepts that are crucial for understanding product marketing. In the third chapter, we focus on the process of developing and launching a new product to the market.

The key element of this process is developing a marketing strategy, which plays a central role in planning how to achieve market objectives. In the fourth chapter, we will deal with product testing, which is crucial for the company as it provides an external view of the product. Feedback is collected from potential or current consumers through interviews, surveys, and online interactions.

The empirical part of the thesis focuses on conducting and analyzing a questionnaire to gather information on satisfaction with the offerings of Avtotehna Oprema d.o.o., the recognition of the 77 Lubricants brand, and the use of bio-degradable oils. The company is in the phase of launching a new brand of lubricating oils, 77 Lubricants, which is internationally recognized.

Based on the theoretical work, the survey, the analyses, the practical work, and the data from the field, we will get a clear picture of where we are positioning our brand and who our target customers are. Brand awareness has a big impact because customers are suspicious. Marketing activities have a major psychological impact on the customer’s brand choice and brand selection decisions.


Diploma paper Bojan Regvat


Diploma paper Bojan Regvat

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