Introducing changes to the organizaton in response to market changes


Študent: Leon Sužnik

Leon Sužnik is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in October 2022.


Diploma paper Leon Sužnik

In my thesis entitled: Introducing changes to the organization in response to market changes, I will present to your analyses and conclusions on the topic. In the introduction there will be presented: the field of work, what is the purpose and aim of writing a thesis on the topic, what constraints I will face in writing the thesis, and what research methods will be used to reach the findings.

This will be followed by a short theoretical part. It will provide a starting point for writing my thesis.  In the thesis, the key meanings of the organization will be presented, as well as the objectives and purposes.

The next subsection will look at how changes are introduced and managed in an organization, as well as what changes companies face in the course of their business. This will be followed by a brief presentation of what the market is and its impact on the organization.

The description of competition will show how, in theory, firms cooperate or are at a disadvantage when producing or offering the same goods. Finally, I, will also touch on a topic that has been a part of our daily lives, namely the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus which has helped to bring rapid decisions and new changes in organizations.

The core part of the thesis will present research on the chosen topic. Analyses of the surveys obtained from selected persons will be presented. To begin with, a researched company will be presented, so that we can get a vision of the shape of an organization.

The market analysis follows, from consumer preferences to changes in competition, as well as changes to business from unexpected events. It will show how the company is or is not successfully introducing changes into the organization and whether it is ready to react to sudden changes.

We will conclude why organizations need to make changes and whether they have an impact on employees. Employees as well as consumers will have their say, so we will see whether or not the opinions identify with each other and how to overcome this resistance.

An interview with the person with the most experience in the selected company will be presented these answers will give us an idea of how a company makes decisions when changes occur.

The final part will present the findings from research on organizational changes and their impacts. We will see whether the thinking so far on our topic is correct.

Diploma paper Leon Sužnik


Diploma paper Leon Sužnik

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