Making and using a tool for punching out and pre-opening the heat exchanger connection channel

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Alen Golob

Alen Golob is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in February 2023.


Diploma paper Alen Golob

Toolmaking is an industry where it is necessary to constantly invest in knowledge and development of products that can lead us to innovative products. As the toolmaking industry is rapidly evolving more and more complex products are being developed and manufactured. Toolmaking is one of the most important and promising industries especially when it comes to the automobile, electronics, and white goods industries.

Since tool-making is a very competitive market it is necessary to actively participate in the development of tool-manufacturing technology and processes at all the times because flexibility in product development is the most important factor in competitiveness in the market.

At the company where I work, we are daily dealing with the extraction of primary aluminum and the production of products and semi-products made of various aluminum alloys. For this kind of production, it is necessary to constantly observe market situations and be flexible to make quick decisions and figure out complex solutions and fulfill customers’ expectations.

With that, we can maintain and even improve our sales in the aluminum market.

This thesis is related to the production and use of a tool for punching out in connection with the channel of the exchanger which can be used in the auto and white goods industry.

In my thesis, I will present the Talum company with a focus on two departments which are Talum Service and Engineering d.o.o., where I am currently employed, and Talum Vaporizers d.o.o. which are currently building on a new brand named HeatraPlates.

The diploma will focus on tool manufacturing processes starting from the tool design, selection of material, and manufacture of individual components up to the final product. Most attention will be focused on the mechanical processes of toolmaking.

My focus will also be on calculations of the necessary force of the press for easier selection of punching machineIn the end, I will also focus on both the time and financial aspects of tool making as I am interested in how we can improve processes of tool making in the future.


Diploma paper Alen Golob


Diploma paper Alen Golob

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