Marketing in associated companies and the opportunities of digitalisation


Študent: Lucija Misja

Lucija Misja is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in August 2023.


Diploma paper Lucija Misja

The following text describes the development of a selected parent company and its alignment with the development of the local environment. From the history and resources offered by the Šaleška Valley, numerous facilities of a strong energy company have emerged in the past, supplying our country. Over the past century, these facilities have developed into several subsidiary companies that have become independent entities.

Currently, three companies are still closely connected to the parent company, creating a reputable group in the local community with a strong interdependence.

The thesis explores the desires of the selected group regarding further development and improvements in marketing. Each company has its market share, both internally and externally. In this work, I have researched the products and services of each company and proposed opportunities related to digitization and professional strategies. In today’s world, digitization is present in everyday life, especially among the younger generation.

This trend will continue in the future, making it crucial for a group of companies with such a long history to keep up with the times. New forms of business, technologically advanced products, and services that meet current demands are being developed. The presentation of products and services is becoming increasingly important, leading to the development of new marketing strategies, such as digital marketing.

In Slovenia, we are still at a low level regarding the implementation of modern strategies. This is critical and of paramount importance for future operations. In specific sections, I describe the current types of products and services, their characteristics within the selected groups, and their impact on the country’s residents and current expansion. I also present future guidelines based on selected literature.

Additionally, I address the economic recovery after the pandemic and the establishment of new work methods in the 21st century. The pandemic has caused significant changes and influenced our perspective on the world. It will be discussed whether it has affected the working methods within the selected group of companies.


Diploma paper Lucija Misja


Diploma paper Lucija Misja

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