Monitoring the sales process to increase company efficiency – the case of Finančna hiša d.o.o.


Študent: Mateja Murad

Mateja Murad is a graduate of the Economics study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in July 2021.


Thesis paper Mateja Murad

Finančna hiša d. o. o. is located in Maribor, on the right side of the Tito Bridge, when you cross the Drava from Europark. I have often wondered what it is like to work in such a reputable company and I decided to introduce myself.

Three words describe the Independent Financial Advice Agency: uniqueness, exclusivity and timelessness. Uniqueness, according to them, means living your mission, knowing how to listen and constantly enriching your knowledge.

The guiding principle of their business is to create exclusive offers that are tailored to the individual needs of each person and to exceed the expectations of the most demanding.

As you read this assignment, I want readers to feel the uncompromising style, the unique pulse of the company and the energy of the entire team that gives the company the power to conquer the highest peaks of the business world.

To begin, I introduced the company, researched its history and successes to date. I touched on the areas of work, the areas of interest and the clear future. In the first chapter, you will learn what Finančna hiša d.o.o. is, what it has achieved so far and what it hopes to achieve in the future.

I should also disclose here that I will also highlight the company’s biggest acquisition in the last year.

A portal that allows you to compare different insurances, different insurance companies in Slovenia. The company can boast that it is the first in Slovenia to be able to compare and make decisions online, in one place.

The continuation of the assignment will bring us a more detailed research on sales and sales processes in the company. We will also discuss the ways in which customers are attracted to the company.

The sales funnel will tell us how many customers are called from the company on a daily basis, how many are persuaded to meet them and how many actually close the deal.

In the last chapter of the assignment we will draw a line and write down the findings of the whole research and give our opinions on possible improvements.

There you will find the answers to my questions and the confirmation or rejection of the hypotheses I had set myself before I started writing the assignment.

I will write down my findings on whether or not the sales process needs to be changed to make the company more efficient.

I joined Finance House Ltd. as a student at the beginning of March 2020. In a very short time, I have integrated myself into the new working environment and started to learn how to work in their particular way. My job involves everything related to administration and I am happy to do it.

Thesis paper Mateja Murad


Thesis paper Mateja Murad

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