Quality optimization in the processing department of a selected company


Študent: Martina Gorjup

Martina Gorjup is a graduate of the Economist programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in June 2021.


Thesis paper Martina Gorjup

In this diploma thesis we researched and studied the offer of the LX telegram services. We also tried to prove that on the Slovenian market there exists an interest for that kind of service.

In this diploma thesis we will also present Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. and existing offer of LX telegram service.

We will also research the competition on Slovenian market regarding this service.

Next, we will present our proposal for improving the existing offer of the LX telegram service, obtain information or response and opinion of Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. about our improvement proposal, and present how Pošta Slovenije d. o. o. manages its talents.

The goal of this diploma thesis is also the introduction of new service “EVERYBODY COUNTS” which is a suggestion of improvement for existing service currently offered by Pošta Slovenije intended for contracting parties of the company.

The goal is also to introduce the concept of marketing for this new service. We will determine what qualities a good talent should have to sell that new service.

Nowadays, investing in human capital and modernization and upgrading of information system is the best strategy for company’s competitiveness on the market.

Through his abilities and innovativeness, human, as an individual being, could contribute to greater efficiency, improved services, competitiveness, and company value on the market.

Companies that work correctly with their employees, and offer them something more than just the basic pay find it easier to gain new, appropriate and loyal workforce.

With the outbreak of the virus SARS-CoV-2 epidemic, which has made the services and products market even more relentless, the companies must constantly maintain and upgrade the knowledge of there employees.

The outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic had a very large impact on the sale of telegrams, as the possibility of delivering telegrams to some addressees (maternity hospitals, old people’s homes) was completely abolished for security reasons.

Thesis paper Martina Gorjup


Thesis paper Martina Gorjup

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