NFT Authentication Methods and Big Data

Software Computing

Študent: Emil Leifer

Emil Leifer is a graduate of the Computer Science - Software Engineering module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in january 2024.


Diploma paper Emil Leifer

In the theoretical portion of this thesis, the chosen methodology involved a comprehensive exploration utilizing two distinct research approaches: a comparative study and an extensive literature review.

Our primary focus was on investigating the current landscape of solutions and recommendations within the realm of application development on the WAX blockchain, specifically concentrating on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This involved a meticulous examination of professional literature dedicated to WAX platform development, encompassing the usage of the EOSIO programming language.

Additionally, we delved into the recommendations and best practices put forth by the WAX developer community.

A significant aspect of our inquiry centered on the critical domain of security and vulnerabilities inherent in WAX platform development, particularly concerning NFTs. We conducted a thorough review of existing research, publications, and methodologies addressing the secure implementation of smart contracts on the WAX blockchain.

Special attention was given to NFT development and trading, where we compared various approaches and methods, shedding light on prevalent problems and limitations linked to the security and vulnerabilities associated with NFTs on the WAX platform.

Transitioning to the empirical facet of the thesis, a quantitative research approach was employed to scrutinize the current state and potential for development within the NFT market on the WAX platform. Our analysis encompassed an in-depth examination of existing projects and research pertaining to NFTs on the WAX platform, enabling us to discern trends and tendencies shaping the trajectory of this burgeoning market.

Furthermore, within the confines of this thesis, a unique fusion of big data analytics techniques and smart contract technology was harnessed to craft an innovative contract solution. Specifically, we introduced a multi-signature method designed to bolster the security of NFT transactions on the WAX platform.

This involved a comprehensive analysis of data related to NFT transactions, user activity, and other pertinent factors, laying the groundwork for a novel and secure approach to NFT transactions within the WAX ecosystem.

Diploma paper Emil Leifer


Diploma paper Emil Leifer

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