Oblikovanje digitalno ilustrirane maskote za promocijo video igre

Graphic Design

Študent: Doroteya Nahberger

Doroteya Nahberger is a graduate of the Media Production study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in September 2022.


Diploma paper Doroteya Nahberger

For my thesis, I chose a topic that describes the entire process of creating a digitally illustrated character and how it can serve as a marketing mascot for the promotion of a video game.

The theoretical part first covers a short description and different types of digital illustration. I focused in more detail on the research and study of character design principles – how to create a “correctly” designed character that will convey the story we are trying to communicate.

I relied on these principles throughout the entire practical part and design process of my product.

I also researched the origins and listed examples of good and bad video game mascots. In this chapter, I also researched how mascots affect different age groups and the actual performance of mascots on the market.

This research significantly helped me to prove or disprove my assumed hypotheses. I also briefly defined the concept of a video game and examples of good marketing strategies for video game promotions, as this essentially relates to the usability of my final product.

The last chapter of the theoretical part describes the overarching theme, which is sustainability in art and design. Due to the growing problem of environmental destruction, this topic is extremely important. In this part, I focused on the creation of digital and physical mascots and how their prodcution affects the environment. I also briefly touched on the possibility of improvement in the production itself.

After researching book and written sources, a practical part follows, where I myself digitally designed and illustrated a character that could serve as a mascot for a non-existent video game. I illustrated his basic shape, added 3 different emotions and a sitting pose.

I gave him a basic color scheme. All the knowledge I acquired in the research was now perfected and used. After making the final product, I made a plan on how to promote it.

The end result of the thesis is a digitally illustrated character, consistent with design principles, that could serve as a mascot to attract potential buyers of an imaginary video game.

Diploma paper Doroteya Nahberger


Diploma paper Doroteya Nahberger

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