Optimising the packaging line at company X

Mechanical Engineering

Študent: Martin Leva

Martin Leva is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in February 2022.


Diploma paper Martin Leva

Here we present the thesis entitled Optimisation of the packaging line in company X. Our main objective was to modernise and optimise the packaging line to maximise the time efficiency and efficiency of packaging. Based on our objectives, which we achieved, we modernised the packaging line, optimised its performance, standardised and standardised packaging, and put line 3 into regular operation.

Within the X Group, in the Pressing Division, Tubes production process, we have shown the situation before and after the optimisation of the packaging line through a layout.

We presented and showed through a cost sheet all the necessary materials we used. Using the standardisation method 5S, we first separated the usability of the material on the entire packaging line, from that which we will continue to use and that which we have completely eliminated from the process.

We then organised/cleaned, cleaned, standardised, and maintained/implemented it.  Also, we identified and marked the places for storage of consumables, and packaging materials and the places for disposal of suitable and unsuitable materials for further packaging.

We have reduced packing time by moving all consumables from the warehouses to newly designed tables, which are immediately accessible to all managers. We have introduced TPM activities, which means that the performance of production equipment is improved, as employees immediately identify and/or rectify machine faults or contact the maintenance department.

This activity has contributed to ensuring that all equipment is always in perfect working order and functioning, resulting in no unnecessary downtime on the entire line. We have increased product quality by checking customer requirements before packaging and further checking customer requirements during the packaging process.

This has increased the quality of the finished products / bars, reduced the number of complaints and increased productivity on the packing line.

The new look and feel and the possibility to participate and make useful suggestions for optimisation also increased the motivation of the employees. Throughout the process, a few other suggestions emerged, including direct packaging on the EJP1 line.

The optimisation of the packaging line was necessary, it contributed to a more pleasant working environment, and it increased the motivation of the employees at work. We will continue to make it our most important goal for all employees to strive for safe work and employee health. All with a view to achieving better business results.


Diploma paper Martin Leva


Diploma paper Martin Leva

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