Promotion of the University Library Maribor


Študent: Sašo Logar

Sašo Logar is a graduate of the Economist - Commercialist module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2021.


Thesis paper Sašo Logar

The purpose of this thesis is to determine the current state of promotional activities of the University Library of Maribor and draw attention to new trends in librarianship and new trends in the world that require changes in current operations, both in presentation and promotion and attitudes of higher education libraries to their users.

In the theoretical part of the diploma work, we first defined the basic areas of marketing. Within this chapter, we have theoretically defined market research and market preparation, and planning. In the following, we have defined the marketing web.

We also identified all the components of the marketing web. These are product, price, distribution and promotion.

In the practical part, we first briefly presented the University Library of Maribor. Then we additionally presented the Unit for Local History, as we focused on this department in our diploma thesis, the central topic of which is promotional activity.

The Department of Local History is especially interesting because a lot of people don’t even know the word local history.

In the following, we will talk about the promotional activity for the local history department and present some ideas or solutions that we thought were appropriate in a given situation, among other things, in reality they are feasible and of course require a minimum financial investment.

We will talk about the digitization of book-material and non-book material, which coincides with the current time, when all books from the shelves move to the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web knows almost no boundaries, because once the material is digitized and published on the Internet, this content can be practicaly accessed from anywhere in the world and users are no longer confined to library spaces.

Libraries are treasures of knowledge, constantly changing, alive, growing daily and evolving over time. As a set of knowledge, culture, progress and techniques, they are becoming more and more useful, useful and visitor-friendly.

At the same time, we were asked if all users of higher education or university libraries are aware of their importance, their tasks and the advantages that libraries offer them.

In the diploma work, we therefore tried to analyze and make a proposal for improvements, in what ways the library should be presented or promoted to the public to get closer to the target users.

Thesis paper Sašo Logar


Thesis paper Sašo Logar

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