Role of the bank employee during business performance with natural persons


Študent: Jure Fajt

Jure Fajt is a graduate of the programme Economist at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in May 2021.


Thesis paper Jure Fajt

In this thesis, we studied how bank employees can improve their customer interaction and what they can improve in the sale and marketing of banking services, because it is the bank employees who influence the bank’s business results on a daily basis.

If banks want to be successful and competitive, it is important that they pay enough attention to their employees to be able to manage their talents. The research part of the assignment was qualitative, as it was carried out with the help of an interview. An interview or the method of questioning was used.

Therefore, a structured interview was used as a measurement instrument, which was used to obtain additional information to achieve the purpose and objectives of the thesis. Eight bank employees from Bank X participated in the interview.

Based on the results of the research, which showed the thinking, perception, and experience of bank employees, we made suggestions for possible improvements in retail business with clients and contributed to our own success in our career.

We studied and researched how the role of a bank employee is experienced and evaluated by employees and identified the opportunities for improved customer service. In this way, we achieved the purpose and goals of the thesis.

We made suggestions regarding marketing or sales channels, customer dissatisfaction, and communication to achieve customer satisfaction in all situations, regarding weaknesses in the marketing of financial services to individuals.

We mainly emphasized investing in the workforce (bank employees) in terms of education, training, sharing experiences.

The results showed a good knowledge of customer management, difficult customers and communication, but nevertheless upgrading knowledge is desirable and we believe that it can only benefit and improve the professionalism of employees.

With regard to the given suggestions aimed at improving the situation, we also made some suggestions with the help of literature review and sources, thus supplementing the content of the suggestions. Management of employees and investing in the workforce is key to the bank’s success.

Good staff will definitely influence customer service (individuals) and contribute to the success and competitive advantage of the bank. This is proven by both bibliographical references and our findings.

Thesis paper Jure Fajt


Thesis paper Jure Fajt

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