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Študent: Rebeka Ptiček

Rebeka Ptiček is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study program at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in October 2023.


Diploma paper Rebeka Ptiček

Nowadays, we encounter sales practically at every turn, whether it is the sale of goods in a store, whether it is the sale of services or, after all, we are selling “ourselves” in order to achieve approval or confirmation from relatives, employers, colleagues or strangers.

Due to the importance of sales itself, tools have been developed over the years that help us increase or speed up sales, they are called sales promotion tools. And since I work in sales and this is the only thing that makes me very happy, I decided that I want to write about it in my diploma thesis and set myself new “challenges” and thereby gain a lot of new experience and knowledge.

The quality or the quality of sales depends on our effort, which we include in it and always new learning. Over time, everything changes, and so the wishes and expectations of customers do not remain the same and change from day to day.

Therefore, it is only right that we also move forward with the times and look for new things, ways that would help us satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers. A big problem that arises is that many companies do not realize how much support and trust they could gain with the many sales promotion tools that appear on the market every day.

Here it is only a question of quality or quantity, what is our priority – that we will work thoroughly, precisely and take our time for it, so that in the end things will turn out exactly as the customers imagined and, as a result, we will be in the long run gained a lot of satisfaction, loyalty and, as a result, profit. Are we the type of quantity, where we only see as many completed clients as possible on the first deadline and, as a result, as much income as possible.

Everything depends on our wishes and expectations in the long run… if we want to be successful and desirable in the long run, quality is definitely what should come first. After all, only a satisfied customer will gladly return to us again and again and, as a result, use our services even more times than originally planned. As a result, her loved ones will also find out about us, and thus our circle of recognition can only expand and expand.

After all, each customer is our bread and butter, how many of them we keep depends on us. It is important to realize that there is nothing worse than a bad voice heard in the ninth village. Especially nowadays, when the competition is increasing day by day.


Diploma paper Rebeka Ptiček


Diploma paper Rebeka Ptiček

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