Security system implementation in residential housing

Security Engineering

Študent: Matjaž Jazbec

Matjaž Jazbec is a graduate of the programme Security Engineering at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in May 2021.


Thesis paper Matjaž Jazbec

In my diploma thesis, I was dealing with the establishment of security systems in a residential building (house). The purpose was to present different types of security, types of housing in which Slovenes live, and the reasons why it is wise to decide to set up a security system, as it happens all too often that new buildings without it are easy prey for burglars.

“First the stable, then the cow” is a well-known Slovenian saying that is followed by many people. People need a roof over their heads for a normal life, healthy living conditions (hygiene, adequate living space), a sense of security, etc., which has a positive effect on people and consequently on the quality of life.

Safety is very important, especially that one feels safe in their own home. The following factors are hereby very important: clean living space or. residence; tidy and dry residence; adequate fire-fighting systems; regulated drainage of water; choice of location of residence; no seismic or landslide area nearby; safe living environment.

If these conditions are met, a person can start a family without having to worry about their safety.

In my diploma thesis, different living standards and types of accommodation are described, which are the most common in the Republic of Slovenia.

I have compared them with other countries in the European Union. I paid special attention to new buildings or residential houses.

One of the chapters is focused on burglaries and the profiles of burglars. There are two profiles of burglars, namely amateur and professional burglars. Both profiles are described in detail.

Furthermore, a security plan for residential houses is presented as well as the advantages and disadvantages of houses with and without security systems.

In the following chapter, a secured property and the premises of a new house in Maribor are described, which have installed a home security system. Different types of home security systems are also presented below. An interview is included in the last part of the diploma thesis.

It was conducted with the owner of a new building (a residential house), who decided to secure his house. He explained his reasons for this decision and is extremely satisfied with the security system. He also gave his opinion on the regulation of real estate security in Slovenia.

Thesis paper Matjaž Jazbec


Thesis paper Matjaž Jazbec

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