The Effect of Sales Assistance on Purchase Decisions


Študent: Marko Kosi

Marko Kosi is a graduate of the Economist - Commercialist module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2021.


Thesis papere Marko Kosi

Sales is a complicated process. Several factors may affect sales performance, we will focus on the effect of sales assistance. Diploma thesis consists of theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part, we will outline the basic characteristics of sales assistance and highlight those that distinguish the most successful ones.

We will briefly describe sales management and its basic functions. We want to identify the traits of professional salespeople. The market is saturated with providers, therefore it is necessary to be familiar with the most effective strategies to attract and retain customers.

For sales assistance it is vital to provide exceptional customer service skills. The key to overall sales success is motivated and qualified team. You can influence your team’s sales performance with different sales motivation techniques.

Through the thesis we will discuss the main factors that affect purchase decision of a consumer. With the analysis of six salespeople, we will demonstrate the effect of sales assistance on consumer’s purchase decisions.

Customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance, because this is the only way they will return and help gain new customers. Companies are developing new strategies to sell products every day; and salespeople are the ones, who are the first to get in touch with customers and have accurate information on how they are responding.

When an organization wants to achieve better results, it must be one step ahead of the competition. In our company, we strive for personal selling in order to achieve the set goals of the entire organization.

At the same time, we are aware, that the majority of customers get information online in advance; therefore it is necessary to have an online store – it was of great benefit during Covid-19 crisis last year.

The aim of the diploma thesis, is to give our opinion on the effect of sales assistance on purchase decision. By testing the given hypotheses, we will determine, whether the salesperson plays a key role in the purchase process.

Certain personality traits of a salesperson can positively or negatively affect customer’s decision, therefore we will focus on the effect of the salesperson’s traits.

We want to investigate, whether providing excessive information about product’s advantages and benefits is disturbing for the costumer; and when is the most appropriate moment for providing this information. Nowadays selling is a science.

By analyzing the six salespeople, we will determine, if any of them is talented for selling. For talented salespeople is typical that there is no need for excessive knowledge of the product; nevertheless they can still impress and convince the costumer in buying.

Finally, we will make a proposal to the company.

Thesis paper Marko Kosi


Thesis papere Marko Kosi

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