The impact of artificial intelligence on visual culture

Video Production

Študent: Robert Vogrinec

Robert Vogrinec is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in January 2024.


Diploma paper Robert Vogrinec

In the thesis titled “The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Visual Art,” I explore the exciting world where art and artificial intelligence intersect and how this interaction is transforming the way we understand and create visual art.

The thesis provides a deep insight into how artists and visual creators in the entertainment industries utilize advanced AI algorithms to expand their creativity and push the boundaries of traditional artistic expressions. The question of whether AI can become a creator will spark a lively debate about the role of the artist as a collaborator with the machine.

I also investigate how the use of AI influences the perception of visual art and how viewers perceive and interpret works created in collaboration between the artist and the machine. Throughout the thesis, it becomes evident that the impact of artificial intelligence on visual art is both thrilling and challenging. The thesis offers a rich understanding of this complex relationship between human creativity and technological advancement, emphasizing that the fusion of art and AI opens up infinite possibilities for creating and experiencing visual artworks.

I have explored the past, present, and future developments in artificial intelligence, as the comprehension of the ordinary mortal in relation to the world’s most advanced technology is often lagging behind the broader picture. Through an in-depth examination of artworks created using UI algorithms, the thesis will investigate the ethical dilemmas associated with artificial intelligence in art and the issue of copyright in the context of artistic collaboration with machines.

Additionally, I will examine the impact of UI on shaping artistic trends and how technological progress influences the aesthetics and concepts prevalent in contemporary visual art. The research will also highlight the role of UI in democratizing art, enabling a broader range of people to express their creativity and innovation, regardless of traditional artistic skills.

The discussion will encompass potential challenges arising from the integration of UI into the creative process, including technical issues, and how these challenges impact the final artistic product. I will also analyze the responses of the artistic community and the public to art created using UI, exploring how perceptions of the artist and artistic value evolve in this context.

The thesis will address the question of how art created with the assistance of UI communicates with traditional artistic concepts such as originality, authenticity, and subjectivity.

Diploma paper Robert Vogrinec


Diploma paper Robert Vogrinec

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