The impact of internal marketing on the employee satisfaction


Študent: Sara Križovnik

Sara Križovnik is a graduate of the Economics - Commerce module study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in April 2022.


Diploma paper Sara Križovnik

Internal marketing is gaining in importance and is becoming one of the key strategies and competitive advantages. In my dissertation I focused on the activities of internal marketing in companies or organizations in connection with the impact on employees.

The basic idea of ​​the task is a positive correlation between internal marketing and employee satisfaction, which is reflected at all levels of employee activity, his rights and duties.

I described the key features and principles of operation and presented the theory of the mutual influence of internal marketing and employee satisfaction on the example of the company in which I work, A1 Slovenia.

Due to the excellent integration of internal marketing in the company A1, many sources with data were available for the analysis of employee satisfaction.

The research part of the thesis thus consists of a quantitative part of the survey among A1 employees and its analysis, and a qualitative part of the interview of A1 employees, which provided an in-depth understanding of the results of the survey analysis.

The most important tool of internal marketing has proven to be internal communication, which takes place through various tools with complementarity in the scope, purpose and goal of communication.

I found out to what extent internal marketing affects the daily performance of tasks, identification with the company and organizational culture. A synthesis of all these factors gives us an answer about actual satisfaction.

Satisfaction measurement analysis showed that absolutely all factors need to be taken into account, with the satisfaction method helping me. Employee satisfaction focuses primarily on meeting needs and expectations.

Since we emphasized the importance of the company’s relationship with employees as the company’s first customers, the focus was primarily on highlighting the most important tools for achieving this satisfaction.

Diploma paper Sara Križovnik


Diploma paper Sara Križovnik

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