The importance of the burglary alarm system at the certifiration of the alarm recieving center (arc)

Security Engineering

Študent: Luka Prikratki

Luka Prikratki is a graduate of the Security Engineering programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in December 2023.


Diploma paper Luka Prikratki

In my diploma thesis, I describe the security of persons and their property as a basic human and social necessity. The security of people has been developing in all directions over the years. Furthermore, technical security has seen particular progress which is only improving and evolving as time passes.

With the development of society and modern-day lifestyle, the need for security has increased causing the rise of importance of technical security systems in the Private Security Act. Each individual strives to secure their possessions in various ways and conditions.

Due to these demands, a burglar alarm system must be reliable, flawless, precise, and reasonably priced. Security demands have also increased in the corporate industry which strives to secure all its property. It is due to these demands that burglar alarm systems are so important since they secure premises without human intervention. Our company has one such system installed in our ARC.

The ARC is a crucial structure where alarm signals from various technical security systems are received and processed, that is why properties must be sufficiently protected. In order to achieve maximum private security all actions must comply with slovene standards.

Private security standards direct the minimum required quality of products and services. The main slovene standard covering ARC is SIST EN50518 (Monitoring and alarm receiving centre).

First of all, tehnical security systems are presented followed by the burglar alarm system, its components and its role in securing our ARC. The drawbacks of the old burglar alarm system were also explained as well as the old British standard BS 5979:2005 that was in place until 2016.

More emphasis was focused towards the new standard SIST EN 50518, which is the basis of my paper and the only way towards certification. In the practical part of the thesis, I described the new solutions required by the ARC standard as well as the replacement process of the old burglar alarm system with the new system in accordance with the new ARC standard.


Diploma paper Luka Prikratki


Diploma paper Luka Prikratki

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