The influence and the use of colors in the printing of packaging for the food industry

Graphic Design

Študent: Staš Belej

Staš Belej is a graduate of the Media Production study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in February 2023.


Diploma paper Staš Belej

The topic of the thesis is the influence of colors in the food industry, which covers everything from the design idea to the product itself. Colors and packaging are the first contact of the observer with the product and can either convince him or turn him away completely.

In the theoretical part, we touch on the basics of colors and how we perceive them. We define their meaning, symbolism, and properties, emphasizing their effect in connection with food. Further, we move on to more technical chapters and establish the importance of using the colors correctly, so that the wrong information is not conveyed with the design.

In order to find out what each color represents, we have thought about the history of mankind in general. Different kinds of stigmas, associations, and views related to colors have been developed among people. Color is the first thing we see and we associate it with emotions.

Later, colors have begun to be interpreted with the help of various systems, such as Cielab. With the system, you can indicate the exact desired color numerically or with a dot, and by doing that you can ensure that the color is the same for all users. In addition to color systems, it is also necessary to understand color models such as RGB and CMYK.

They make up the raster and all printing techniques, technological processes, and preparations for printing are based on it. Flexo printing will be discussed in detail. It is most commonly used in printing for the food industry and in flexible packaging. It is divided into surface and laminated printing.

We move on to the production of colors and all the factors in the process of production that attention must be paid to. From the ecological point of view, the proper storage and the reuse of inks are discussed, as well as the new printing techniques and types of inks that are more environmentally friendly and produce fewer emissions.

For the practical part of the thesis, a survey about the influence of colors on the customers in shops has also been made. After all the collected information, the theoretical and practical work, an additional product has been produced. It is the design of the logo and several seltzer beers can shrink sleeves. Related promotional materials, such as various mockups, business cards, and social media ads have also been produced. For one of the designs, the color separation and simulated matte varnish have been made.

Diploma paper Staš Belej


Diploma paper Staš Belej

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