Using virtual reality to improve the planning and construction phase of buildings

Construction & Civil Engineering

Študent: Blaž Kolar

Blaž Kolar is a graduate of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. He successfully defended his thesis paper in August 2022.


Diploma paper Blaž Kolar

In recent decades, the construction industry has become more complex, especially on large projects. The construction industry needs a lot of knowledge to properly optimize project time and costs.

The aim of this thesis is to examine how current technology is being implemented, such as BIM (Information Modeling of Buildings) and VR (virtual reality) in construction and the challenges of converting BIM models into a virtual model using a virtual reality environment.

The client and project team can readily understand the project in a virtual environment since they are immersed in the virtual model. The virtual reality model can be used to improve client collaboration, provide a trustworthy source of information, mimic the construction process, and anticipate potential issues at various phases of the project.

VR can provide better productivity. It can improve a construction project in the planning, construction, operation, and planning phases In the planning phase, a virtual environment would aid the client and other participants in comprehending the project without prior engineering knowledge.

The client can participate in finding solutions and designing alternatives to understand the planning process. When building, a virtual model can help increase stakeholder agility and increase project efficiency to save time and money and avoid conflicts during construction.

The thesis examines existing research, previous case studies, and BIM software to show the benefits of employing VR in construction.

The findings of this thesis present a strategy for improving the use of virtual reality in construction across a broad spectrum.

The work can also be used as a foundation for incorporating virtual reality into a construction enterprise throughout the planning or building phases.

Diploma paper Blaž Kolar


Diploma paper Blaž Kolar

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