Visual Identity for a Farmers’ Festival

Graphic Design

Študent: Tinkara Radmilovič

Tinkara Radmilovič is a graduate of the Media Production programme at Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education. She successfully defended her thesis paper in May 2024.


Diploma paper Tinkara Radmilovič

In my thesis, I focus on all the key elements that are important in creating a consistent visual identity for an event. I briefly introduce the history of illustrations and posters, focusing mainly on how they have intertwined throughout history.

I pay special attention to the design of illustrations for printed materials and social media posts, as well as exploring suitable promotional channels for my event.

In the first chapter, I primarily focus on the history of illustrations and posters, especially their development from cave paintings to the printing press and up to posters and illustrations today. I briefly introduce the types of illustrations and artistic movements in which posters have appeared, as well as how illustration and posters have intertwined throughout history.

In this chapter, I also explore traditional and digital channels for event promotion and briefly describe them. Because a successful promotional campaign is crucial for a successful event, I also touch on the important steps for it.

In the second chapter, I focused on researching the visual design of the event and examples of best practices. Using the archive of the Svečina Tourist Society, I analyzed printed materials from past years, and I found examples of best practices on the internet.

I selected them based on the similarity and success of the events. I also researched the impact of illustration and typography on the viewer’s feelings. Here, I touched on the overarching theme of Art, Design, and Well-being, where I attempted to demonstrate that some forms and typographies are more suitable for my type of event than others.

In the third chapter, I embark on creating the visual design. First, I explain how I got the idea for the style of illustrations and the color scheme of the event using brainstorming and a focus group. I start by illustrating the basic graphics used in various printed materials and posts, and then, together with the focus group, I select the appropriate typography.

I describe the printed materials I designed and the programs I used throughout the design process. I also designed posts for social media, for which I also created illustrations. I briefly added what I had to consider when preparing for printing to ensure the printed materials were correct.

You can check the student’s product in the video below:

Diploma paper Tinkara Radmilovič


Diploma paper Tinkara Radmilovič

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