Construction & Civil Engineering students at laboratory exercises at APROS d.o.o.

Construction & Civil Engineering

As part of the Materials course, students of the Construction & Civil Engineering programme took part in laboratory exercises at APROS d. o. o. on Tuesday, 22 Wednesday, 24 November.


Since its foundation in 1994, APROS-Construction Laboratory and Services has become one of the most important construction laboratories in the country. Their activities are of assistance to construction companies and investors. They cooperate in various programs or investments with municipalities across Slovenia and with companies such as DARS, DRSC-DRI, Slovenian Railways, etc.



Students had the opportunity to learn about the company’s geomechanical and geotechnical services in the concrete laboratory.

The laboratory exercises covered the process of determining the grain size distribution of soils and rocks and the importance and application of this process in the construction industry, more specifically in the preparation of concrete with specific characteristics for the respective construction.


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