Construction & Civil engineering students on an expert excursion at the Karavanke Tunnel

Construction & Civil Engineering

On Thursday, 4 January 2024, students of the Construction & Civil Engineering study programme visited the Karavanke Tunnel as part of an excursion in the Geotechnology course, accompanied by lecturer Dr. Jakob Likar.


On the day of the Karavanke tour, the Construction & Civil Engineering students and the lecturer gathered at the Hrušica 229 meeting point, in front of the parking area in front of the DARS building. The whole event lasted about 3 hours, with the students first having the opportunity to participate in a presentation of the project in the DARS meeting room. The experts presented to the group the fascinating aspects and complexities of this innovative engineering venture, which laid the foundations for understanding the importance of the Karavanke Tunnel in the transport infrastructure between Slovenia and Austria.

After an informative introduction, they entered the interior of the tunnel under the guidance of a guide. The guided tour allowed them to get up close and personal with the technical and safety aspects of the tunnel, and to admire how engineering enables a smooth connection between the two countries. The excursion to the Karavanke Tunnel thus successfully combined an informative part in the DARS meeting room with a practical tour of the tunnel’s field areas.

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