Director of Academia and Vice-President of the Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges at the 33rd Annual EURASHE Conference in Austria

Žan Dapčevič, Director of Academia and Vice President of the Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges attended the Annual General Assembly and the 33rd Annual Conference of EURASHE on behalf of Slovenian higher vocational schools at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten in Austria on 22 and 23 May 2024.

The two events brought together leading experts and educators from across Europe to discuss key issues in higher and higher vocational education under the common event title: Stronger Together – Promoting Transnational Cooperation in Higher and Higher Vocational Education.

The panellists stressed that transnational education, including in higher and higher vocational education, needs to go beyond the mobility of students and staff to the mobility and transnationality of study programmes and institutions to improve their quality, strengthen them and make them sustainable in Europe.

The panellists, representatives of the governments of Portugal, Austria and Flanders, highlighted the challenges of transnational delivery of study programmes, such as funding, the recognition of acquired credentials and the legal barriers still present for the delivery of programmes in the individual EU Member States. The latter will be one of the important themes, messages and commitments to improve communication at the upcoming Bologna Ministerial Conference, which will take place next week in Tirana, Albania.

In addition, the conference featured plenary sessions and thematic workshops on innovation, digital transformation, sustainable development and European education policies. The conference also included presentations on projects promoting cooperation between European and global HEIs for a sustainable future.

Association of Slovene Higher Vocational Colleges is an active member of EURASHE – the leading association of higher and professional education in Europe and the consultative body of the Bologna Process.

For more info visiti EURASHE Annual Conference 2024.

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