Guest lecture by Anica Horvat, Director of accounting company FIRST d.o.o.

Accounting & Finance

As part of the Taxes course of the Economist – Accountant module, we hosted Ms. Anica Horvat, Director of the accounting service First d.o.o. in Murska Sobota, one of the largest accounting services in Slovenia.

Anica Horvat began her guest lecture with an in-depth presentation of FIRST d.o.o, which ranks among the most reputable accounting services in Slovenia. She highlighted the rich history of the company, which has become a synonym for professionalism, reliability and innovation in the field of accounting.

Despite its long tradition, FIRST is still actively adapting and following modern trends and technological advances. Ms Horvatova emphasised that the key to success lies in retaining young staff, as they bring fresh ideas, energy and a perspective on solving the challenges facing the accounting field in today’s fast-changing environment.

The lecture focused on the diversity of the accountant’s work tasks. The focus of the lecture shifted to the many areas that accountants encounter in their daily work, from financial record keeping, reporting and tax advice to business performance analysis and financial planning. The guest lecturer also stressed the need for quick and practical learning, which is crucial to successfully master complex accounting tasks and to adapt to the new challenges of modern business.
The meeting was highly informative and inspiring, as Ms Horvat’s expertise, experience and clear vision for the future of accounting left a strong impression on the students and participants, encouraging them to further explore and develop this dynamic industry.

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