Guest lecture by Bojana Maruško, Director of HR and Legal Affairs at Paloma, on the Impulse In Motion project

Mechanical Engineering

In the course Design and Construction of Tools in Mechanical Engineering we hosted Ms. Bojana Maruško, Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs at Paloma d.d. Paloma d.d. is a market leader in South-Eastern Europe with almost 150 years of tradition in the production and marketing of hygiene papers in Europe. The company’s annual production amounts to 72,000 tonnes of hygiene papers, converted into toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues.


In the introductory part of the guest lecture, recruiter Maja presented the company Paloma d.d., production and marketing of hygiene products. In the following Ms. Maruško gave the company’s infrastructure in more detail; production takes place in 4 factories for finished products, in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sladki Vrh, Harmanec (Slovakia), and in Slavosovce (Slovakia), where production is specialized only in decorative products.

The main topic of the guest lecture was the Impulse in Motion project, divided into several phases. In the initial phase, which started in 2019 as a modernization of the production capacity and the quality of the buildings, a phased demolition and replacement of the existing buildings took place. The construction also included the landscaping of the external areas and all the municipal infrastructure. In 2021, the second “Motion” phase started in preparation for the installation of a new production line, and in 2023, the plan is to install and fully operate two new processing lines with fully automatic and flexible packaging, palletizing, and dispatching.



With a growing number of new projects (the most recent is a €60 million project for the production of finished products in a high-speed warehouse), the company offers many career opportunities for young employees and invites mechanical engineering students to interact with each other through practical training.


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