Guest lecture by Jure Bohinc, Marketing Director, A1 Slovenija and Nika Todorovski, Media Planner, Pristop Media

Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

As part of the Integrated Marketing Communications course of the Economist – Digital Marketing (HND) and Commercialist (VSŠ) module, we hosted the Marketing Director at A1 Slovenija, Jureto Bohinc, and the Media Planner at Pristop Media, Nika Todorovski.

The guest lecture was held in two parts. In the introductory part, Mr. Jure Bohinc, Marketing Director at A1 Slovenia, presented the company. Since its establishment in 1999, when it became the first Slovenian commercial mobile operator, it has been a major provider of comprehensive communication services in the country. The company creates meaningful communication solutions that meet the current and emerging needs of users and is 100% owned by the international telecommunications group A1 Telekom Austria Group, making it an important part of the leading provider of digital services and communications in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 24 million users in eight countries.

He continued with strategic planning, the acquisition of TV rights and devices (mobile phones, modems), the development of these products from planning to sales, how to successfully and qualitatively manage the database and the users, and he concluded by focusing on clear communication with customers.


The second part of the guest lecture was given by Ms. Nika Todorovski, the digital marketing expert at Pristop Media. Pristop Media is a Slovenian company specializing in marketing and communication. It is a leading company in the field of marketing, public relations and digital solutions in Slovenia and the wider region. Pristop Media offers a wide range of services including media strategy, media analysis and research, media planning, and media workshops.

Ms. Todorovki presented the types of agencies on the market, the role of these agencies according to their type and the right choice of the campaign at the right time in the right place according to the type of agency, who the target group is, who the advertiser is, what is being advertised and what the final goal is. She went on to discuss online buying, ad formats, the most profitable TV programmes in 2022, influencer marketing, and radio advertising.


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