Guest lecture by Mile Nunič, Public Gatherings Specialist

Security Engineering

As part of the course Organisation of Transport, Interventions and Public Gatherings of the Security programme, we hosted Mr. Milet Nunič, a specialist in the field of security of public gatherings. Mr. Nunic is also the author and editor of several books, including The Law on the Protection of Public Order and Peace (ZJRM-1): with a commentary, The Law on Public Gatherings (ZJZ): with a commentary, and The Security of Public Gatherings: from the beginning to the end.Mr.

The main topic of the guest lecturer Mr. Nunič was the regulation of private security and the normative regulation of public gatherings. Much emphasis was placed on the importance of the organisation of public gatherings, what types of public gatherings are known and what licences are needed for protection on such gathering. The guest lecturer later gave a detailed presentation on the organisation of public gatherings, the procedure of public gatherings, who and with what authorisation can organize or lead public gatherings, and what are the duties and tasks of the organizers of public gatherings.

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