Guest lecture by Mitja Pajek, Head of Entrepreneurship at Tri Sense

Software Computing

As part of the Electronic Business course of the Software Computing programme, we hosted Mr. Mitja Pajk, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department at Tri Sense, who uses data to optimise and automate processes and generate new information for forecasting and decision-making.

The guest lecture started with a presentation of Tri Sense, a company that solves the challenges of modern companies for automation, control and optimisation of products, services and processes. The company has a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers working on big data, sensors, AI models, IOT, machine vision, prototyping and product development. They offer services in areas such as machine learning, automation, computer vision, data analytics, but they excel in AI services, to which Mr Pajek devoted part of his lecture. The company’s AI experts create bespoke programmes using artificial intelligence to turn key information into automated or semi-automated decisions and, as a result, predict errors, absences and events.

In the second half of the guest lecture, the main topics were the presentation of e-business strategies and models, the presentation of IT systems to support e-business, what the AI market is today and how fast it is growing, what the needs of customers are and what data they need.

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