Guest lecture by Rok Makovec, Director of the IT Melona web agency and Tim Zupančič, Director of Zupančič Design


Within the Sales course taught by Ms. Tanja Verhovnik in the Economist – Commerce module, we hosted Mr. Rok Makovec, Director of the IT Melon web agency, and Mr. Tim Zupančič, Director of Zupančič Design. IT Melona is a company focused on website and online shop development, marketing, graphic design, photo, and video production, while Zupančič Design focuses on graphic design, 3D rendering, visualization of spaces and equipment, and interior design drawings.

The first part of the guest lecture started with Mr. Zupančič presenting his company Zupančič design. In the introduction, he led a discussion with the students on whether the photos or the video said more. Video offers the viewer more information in a shorter time, which the viewer may quickly miss or not catch; here photography dominates. He presented the whole process of making a film; from planning, scripting, and preparing the time frame, to assembling the crew, preparing the space and equipment, to post-production, and then how to present the product to the audience and promote it successfully.

In the second part of the guest lecture, we were joined by Mr. Makovec, who also presented his company, IT Melona, an online agency, and focused on selling the company’s products through digital marketing. He described the types of digital marketing with added strategies, the importance of knowing your customers or target group, who the online customers are, what the structure of an online shop should be and what are the key guidelines for its success.

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