Guest lecture by the CEO of Secureon d.o.o. Robert Umer

Network Computing

As part of the Security and Protection course, students of the Network Computing study programme were given a guest lecture by Mr. Robert Umer, CEO of SecureON d.o.o., a company that provides information security, comprehensive data protection and compliance support services to its clients.

The main topic of the guest lecture was “The role of the information security engineer in the financial society”. Mr. Umer started the lecture with a short personal introduction and a description of SecureON. The company offers Information Security as a Service (from on-site consultancy, Security Operations Centre (SOC), system monitoring, risk and vulnerability assessment, KPI security to awareness training and encryption and key management), Business Continuity, and Information/Cybersecurity.

The company’s security consultants have a high level of knowledge and experience gained through years of professional work and continuous training in the areas of information security, risk management, infrastructure implementation, systems integration, and internet service provision, most of them are equipped with technical information security certifications, making SecureON the most qualified company in Slovenia to perform technical security assessments.

The guest lecturer then focused on other important areas of information security, such as secure network planning, implementation projects, security auditing, ongoing maintenance, and continuous improvement processes, and in the last quarter of the lecture, he presented the most complex and widespread incidents the company has encountered and formed a round table with the students on how to optimally resolve these incidents. The guest lecturer also presented the most complex and widespread incidents that the company has encountered.

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