Guest lecture: Damir Hrepevnik from the Škorjanec Car House

Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

As part of the course Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance of the Economist – Digital Marketing (HND) and Commerce (VSŠ) modules, we hosted mag. Damir Hrepevnik, sales manager at Avtohiša Škorjanec, is responsible for purchasing and sales logistics with a focus on the sale of electric cars.

Guest lecture by mag. Damir Hrepevnik’s lecture was on the topic of used cars, more specifically on the key aspects of the quality of used cars, to give students an insight into the important aspects when buying and evaluating used cars. Damir Hrepevnik, MSc and experienced automotive expert, discussed the key aspects to consider when buying and evaluating used cars.

Hrepevnik’s lecture was very informative and interactive. His vast experience shed light on the important factors that influence the quality and reliability of used cars. He stressed the importance of a thorough vehicle inspection, checking the service history, assessing the technical condition and the reliability of the manufacturer. In addition, he gave practical tips for a successful used car purchase, which provided students with valuable guidance for their future purchases.

The session also provided an opportunity for questions and discussion, allowing students to further deepen their understanding of the subject. In addition, Hrepevnik shared several practical examples and situations from his extensive career, which further highlighted the complexity of the used car buying process.

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