Guest lecture: iCenter and MiniMax presentation at SAOP

Accounting & Finance

As part of the Informatics course of the Economist programme – Accounting & Finance, we hosted Ms. Anita Lunežnik Frangež and Ms. Metka Šinigoj, sales consultants at SAOP, who presented iCenter, an ERP programme to help with business and accounting functionalities, and Minimax, a popular accounting and business software with more than 50,000 users.


In the first half of the lecture, Ms. Anita Lunežnik Frangež presented iCenter, an ERP software built from modules that improve business operations by offering a wide range of solutions and functionalities for the field of bookkeeping, many of which include additional functionalities tailored to the business of individual industries and public institutions.

A range of customised software solutions adapt to the business processes of the individual company or institution and quickly provide quality information for management decision-making through automated analysis of the company’s work processes.

The second half of the guest lecture was devoted to the Minimax online management accounting software, presented by Ms. Metka Šinigoj. The programme provides automatic posting and quick and easy access to reports, has more than 50,000 daily users and can also be accessed via a free mobile app.

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