Guest lecture: Jože Knez, Management Systems Officer at DARS d.d.


In the framework of Mr. Vorina’s lecturer course Identification and Quality Assurance of the Economist – Commerce module, we hosted M.Sc. Jože Knez, authorized for management systems at DARS d.d., where he manages the reorganization and strategy of the company, assesses business excellence, manages the business continuity project, and information security, and is part of the team that is setting up the energy sustainability system.

At the start of his guest lecture on “The importance of a sustainable management systems strategy for the long-term success of organizations”, he described his career path to date. Prior to joining DARS d.d., he was a member of the Management Board of DARS d.d. Knez worked at Prevent in Slovenj Gradec, as Deputy Director and Product Manager of Information Security, and continued his career at the Institute for Quality in Ljubljana. Today, he is responsible for the management systems of DARS d.d., a company that connects the whole of Slovenia with the construction, operation, and maintenance of motorways and expressways. He described the history of the company and went on to outline the company’s key strategic indicators and objectives. In the final part of the lecture, he presented the Energy Management System and the EIS (Energy Information System), which have a major impact on limiting energy consumption, for which DARS d.d. is known as one of the largest consumers in the country.

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