Guest lecture: marketing expert and director of 121 Marketing d.o.o. Polona Kisovec

Digital Marketing (HND) & Commerce (SCHE)

As part of the course Planning social media campaigns in the Economist – Digital Marketing (HND) and Commercialist (VSŠ) module, we hosted Polona Kisovec, conversion marketing expert and director of 121 Marketing d.o.o., a company that specialises in targeted marketing, sales texts, brand positioning and creating effective marketing.

Polona Kisovec is a digital marketing expert, the first national champion in direct marketing and a specialist in the practical application of direct marketing. Polona has gained her experience in marketing, managing marketing projects, creating customer experience and growth marketing from practice. She is also one of the lecturers at the Netfork Academy for Business Internet, a presenter at the workshop for the preparation of effective sales texts organised by and a regular external lecturer and mentor in the areas of cost-effective marketing, e-mail marketing, and modern communication with the customer.

As a guest lecture, Ms. Kisovec first presented her role in marketing today and described the initial steps in the career path she has set for herself. She presented her company 121 Marketing d.o.o. and the services it offers. She went on to talk about the various recipes for writing posts and promoting them on the Internet, how to include a story in these posts in order to attract the customer/reader, what and how important algorithms are and how closely they are linked to Internet success techniques, and what kind of content has a monopoly on the various social networks (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.).


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