Guest lecture on 3D animation and virtual reality by versatile filmmaker Marko Cafnik

Media production

As part of the course Project Work in 3D Modelling and Animation of the Media Production – 3D Animation module, we hosted Marko Cafnik, a former film directing student at AGRFT, film director and screenwriter, who wanted to expand the boundaries of creativity and imagination with the help of 360-degree camera technology, VR and Magic Leap goggles.


Last week, the VSŠ Academia hosted an exceptional guest lecture on 3D animation and virtual reality augmentation, led by renowned filmmaker Marko Cafnik. The former AGRFT film directing student has shown a remarkable talent and passion for creativity throughout his career. As a film director and screenwriter, he has dedicated himself to using advanced technology such as 360-degree cameras, VR glasses and Magic Leap goggles to create virtual reality. His achievements include successful productions such as “Ogenj znanosti” (2019), “Skriti otroci” (2015), “Ksana” (2017), “Boli” (2005) and “I dont know who we are” (2019).




Cafnik is also the author of the first Slovenian virtual computer game “Dino Eruption” and the director of Multiversum, a company specialising in XR production. His wealth of knowledge and experience was the focus of the lecture, where he shared his creative processes, technical aspects of 3D animation and visionary views on the future of this industry.

Students were introduced to the techniques and concepts of creating in a virtual reality environment and had the opportunity to take part in interactive workshops where they were able to try out some of the basic principles of 3D animation for themselves. The guest lecture by Mark Cafnik was an excellent opportunity for students to delve into the world of 3D animation and gain first-hand insight into the creative process.



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