Head of Ruše Administrative Unit Barbara Šarh

Security Engineering

Within the Administrative Law course of the Security program we hosted mag. Barbara Šarh, Head of the Ruše Administrative Unit.

On Thursday, 16 May 2024, at 16:30, we hosted a guest lecture for students of the Security Studies programme. The lecture was given by mag: Barbara Šarh, Head of Ruše Administrative Unit.

Mag. Šarh first gave a brief description of the Ruše Administrative Unit, including its organization and key tasks. She then explained in detail the work at the Administrative Unit, highlighting the different tasks and responsibilities that the employees are faced with daily. She followed the lecture with concrete examples from practice. The first case dealt with the exercise of official duty, where she highlighted the procedure and legal basis for such action.

Other cases were presented based on a client’s request, where she highlighted the differences and specific challenges related to the handling of client requests. She also paid particular attention to the monitoring of the implementation of the law, explaining how compliance with the law is ensured and the consequences of non-compliance. She concluded her lecture by discussing enforcement procedures, describing the key steps and procedures that the administrative unit takes to ensure that decisions are enforced.

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