Instructor Sara Božanić speaker at the Latin American Festival Mediamorfosis

Graphic Design

Mediamorfosis is Latin America’s educational platform for the promotion and development of new immersive media content. Since 2014, the festival has been inviting filmmakers, XR (Extended Reality) artists, independent producers, distributors, government institutions, media and companies to explore the use of technology to open up expressive possibilities and analyze the change in the working environment of the whole industry. The conference is attended by more than 2,000 visitors each year in different cities of the LAT (Valparaiso, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Monte Video).

Sara Božanić, graphic design instructor at Academia Maribor, gave a presentation of the Institute for Transmedia Design’s immersive project “Boys and Girls of the future now!”, as well as a workshop for high school students.



Through the workshop, she provided the key knowledge needed to create technologically-advanced storytelling. Four primary schools participated in the workshop; 2 private and 2 public. A total of 80 children, 4 teachers and 2 assistants participated in the educational process. The teaching method, specially designed for adolescents by the lecturer, is of key importance for the promotion of Slovenian innovative culture and the transfer of Slovenian knowledge to Latin America.



The final outcome of the workshop will be presented to the public at the Mediamorphosis conference in 2023.

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