Marko Koklič is the Civil Engineering Student of the Year 2021

Construction & Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering programme Student of the Year 2021 title was awarded to marko Koklič, who was the most successful and also the fastest in completing the requirements of the 2019–2021 generation of Construction & Civil Engineering Professional higher education programme with an average grade of 9.42.

1. What does the title Civil Engineering Student of 2021 mean to you?

“Definitely the joy that the two-year studying period at Academia was successful. I am especially happy because despite the corona virus  pandemic the studies were not canceled or interrupted. I have to say that, during that time, the lectures and practical tutorials were very well organised.

Compared with my son, who is at the moment in his secondary education, the delivery of knowledge there was in “total shambles”. But here, everything worked perfectly. The study content during this period was delivered to an exceptionally high standard.”

2. Why did you choose Academia Maribor as your study destination?

“I have a bachelor’s degree in wood engineering. I successfully completed this study exactly 30 years ago at the time of Slovenia’s independence. I still remember running away from my student home with a floppy disk containing the unfinished diploma thesis.

But in those 30 years the timber industry in Slovenia declined fast and a combination of circumstances, mainly family, brought me closer to the construction industry. I learned about building trade but lacked engineering skills.

This is the reason I decided to study civil engineering. I was further encouraged by studying this industry with the change in construction legislation, which forced us – small entrepreneurs – to get the right training.

I chose Academia mainly because of the great juxtaposition of its good location and the recommendation of my acquaintances, as well as the warm welcome I received at the informative interview at Academia.

I remember the clerk telling me that I would only have to go on summer holidays once before my studies would be finished. Two years go by really quickly.”

3. What do you enjoy the most about your studies?

“What I enjoy most about my studies is the mix of practical and theoretical knowledge. All the lecturers and instructors a practice-oriented, which makes it possible to learn about new knowledge and also developments in the construction industry quicker and more efficiently.

All this knowledge and new gained experience helps you respond easier and faster to a specific challenge in your company.”

4. How does studying at Academia help you in your career and personal development? Where do you see yourself after graduation?

“I noticed that, during my studies, I have become very curious. I have built up the fitness to read, to write – it is like the sky has cleared for me.”

5. What advice would you give to new students for successful studies?

“Foremost, to realise that two years of study pass very quickly. I would recommend doing your student commitments regularly.”


“I know many people who have not followed their path and today, they are just one or two exams short of completing their studies. The more you procrastinate, the harder it is.”


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