Mechanical engineering students visit UNIOR d.d.

Mechanical Engineering

Students of Mechanical Engineering took part in the course Design and Construction of Tools with the lecturer mag. Jožet Ravničan, students visited two plants of UNIOR d.d., a Slovenian manufacturer of tools and metal products. The first tour took place at the Unior Strojegradnja plant in Zreče, followed by a visit to the Unior Mechanical Processing of Forgings plant in Slovenske Konjice.

The students were able to see various machines used to produce tools and automotive parts such as various CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC grinding machines, CNC eroding machines, 3D measuring machines, various clamping machines, machining centers, and automated machines.

They had a closer look at the forge with 26 forging lines with 14 hydraulic hammers reaching 1500-9500 kpm, 5 forging presses with working forces from 1600 to 2000 tonnes, and 7 drop hammers. They also saw the process of forging products using a parachute hammer and the engraving machines, which specialize in forgings up to 2.5 kg and produce up to 2500 tonnes per month.

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