Security students at the shooting range of the Sports and Recreation Centre “RA-TA-TA…”

Security Engineering

Students of the Security programme visited the Sports and Recreation Centre “RA-TA-TA...” in Maribor as part of the course Armament and Shooting with the lecturer Mr. Dušan Gorišek. The visit to the R-TA-TA Sport Centre was divided into several sessions, which enabled the students to acquire basic skills and knowledge in a safe environment.

In the first part of the exercise, students are introduced to the subject of the exercise and how it is to be carried out. Important emphasis is also placed on the legal provisions and regulations regarding the use of weapons and safety standards at the shooting range. The students learnt the basic rules of safe use of weapons and behaviour on the shooting range, which is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a safe environment.

The students were further introduced to the basics of weapon and ammunition construction. With the help of expert instructors, they learned about the different types of weapons, their functions and how they work. Practical exercises allowed students to try their hand with weapons and learn about different techniques and safety procedures.

In the second half of the exercises, students delved into the theoretical aspects of shooting, including ballistics and the physical laws of bullet motion. They also learnt the basics of storing and cleaning the weapon, which is crucial for its maintenance and long-term use. Special emphasis was also placed on the basics of first aid for possible gunshot wounds, which increases the safety and awareness of the students.


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