Studio XO Director Alen Damjanović

Media production

As part of the Media Production Programme’s Media Production Organisation and Management course, we hosted Alen Damjanovic, director of Studio XO, a group of filmmakers, animators, and marketing experts who share a passion for telling stories that captivate and engage audiences.

On Tuesday, 07/05/2024, students of the course Organisation and Management of Media Production had the opportunity to listen to a guest lecture by Alen Damjanović, director and founder of the renowned production company XO Studio.

Mr. Damjanović introduced the students to the organization and management of projects in his company and showed them examples of good practices created through good planning. XO Studio is known for its innovative and creative approaches to producing a variety of media content, including TV shows, commercials, music videos, and digital campaigns. Their projects have won them many accolades and positive reviews both at home and abroad.

The lecture gave students an insight into the real challenges and opportunities facing professionals in the media industry. The guest lecturer shared his extensive experience and advice on how to effectively organize and manage media projects, from the initial idea to the final realization. Special emphasis was also given to the importance of teamwork, communication, and adapting to changing circumstances, which is crucial for the successful implementation of projects in the dynamic world of media.

At the same time, students had the opportunity to learn about some of XO Studio’s most high-profile projects and how they came to be. Examples were highlighted where good planning enabled not only successful implementation but also exceeding client expectations.



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