Zdenka Radek, President of the Association of Accountants, Financiers and Auditors Maribor and Advisor to the Director of Mariborski Vodovod

Accounting & Finance

As part of the Cost Accounting course of the higher education study program Economist – Accounting module, we had a guest lecture by Zdenka Radek, President of the Association of Accountants, Financiers, and Auditors Maribor and member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Accountants, Financiers, and Auditors, who is employed at Mariborski vodovod as an advisor to the CEO and is also a lecturer in the Fundamentals of Business Finance and Finance course at other higher vocational schools.

The main chapter of the guest lecture was a presentation of the DRFR (Association of Accountants, Financiers, and Auditors Maribor), where Ms. Radek focused on the presentation of her work, DRFR, and the importance of membership in the association. The students learned first-hand about the benefits of membership and the importance of continuing education for a successful career in accounting. The representative of the Society stressed that the accounting profession is changing rapidly and that it is essential to keep abreast of new developments and to acquire new skills and certifications so that accountants can properly provide information for management decision-making.

In addition, the lecture also presented the organization of accounting in the example of Mariborski vodovod. The latter was selected as an example of good practice, where a representative of the company highlighted how accounting is organized in their company, what the key tasks of accounting are, and how they deal with specific challenges and requirements in the field of financial management.

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