Media Production Students created an award winning comprehensive graphic image for the business and café Kavarna Puella & Sweet Puella

Graphic Design

Every year students at Academia have the change to participate in student field work, which is lead by an international instructor from the professional field.

This year, Mariola Fernandez, an expert graphic designer from Spain, prepared a project scenario from everyday life in collaboration with the local business and café Kavarna Puella & Sweet Puella. The brand Puella is first and foremost a café. They wish to expand the brand by offering new services, such as a pizzeria, pastry shop, wine cellar and sell ice cream, under the brand name Puella.

The role of the student was difficult and exciting at the same time. the students were divided into group and asked to create a brand identity for the individual units of the company. Divided in groups, they have been asked to create the brand identity for the new businesses, consisting of logo development, color palette, typography choice

Every team has been assigned one of the businesses and they have been developing the identity of the company, creating designs and artwork. They even dared with some packaging and branding elements, such as coffee cups, take-away boxes, wine glasses and more.

The project comprehended seven groups of three students each, they have been working together in the different phases of the design workflow, applying them in the development of the project. It started with the research, followed by a benchmarking and and getting all the necessary information about the company identity and the market positioning.

It continued with a group brainstorming and idea generation. Once the proposal was ready, it was pitched to the customer and director of the company, Nina Geric, who provided feedback.

Recently, a decision upon the winner among all the excellent work was made. The proposal of the Sweet Puella group (cake shop) was standing out from the rest and, agreed by the mentor and the business owner, resulted in the winner of the project.

The winning team is composed by Alen Hazl, Dominik Rus, Sanja Šmitran and Nika Stavanja.

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