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Miha Lavtar on the importance of graphic design in digital marketing

Miha Lavtar, CEO of the company Optiweb, held a presentation for the students of Media production, module Graphic Design, on the importance of graphic design in digital marketing. The Company Optiweb, spletne rešitve d. o. o. creates and maintain websites and offers services for e-business and marketing. They offer help and advice for digital solutions […]

Urban Lapajne and Tadej Glavač on modern entrepreneurship

Urban Lapajne (project manager of the company Tovarna podjemov) held an online guest lecture for the students of the study programme Economist on the activities of the company Tovarna podjemov. Tovarna podjemov encourages innovative individuals towards the development and realization of their business ideas. They enable networking with other business enthusiasts and companies and help […]

Slavko Ferk on safe work with work equipment

Slavko Ferk, expert for inspections of work equipment, electrical measurements, ecology of the working environment and training at the company BVD-RAVNE, Bureau for Safety at Work, held an online guest lecture for the students of the study programmes Mechanical Engineering and Construction & Civil Engineering on the safe work with work equipment. He highlighted the […]

Žan Šol: student athlete of the Computing study programme

Žan Šol is a student of the study programme Computing, specifically the module Software Engineering, with the status of a categorized athlete of the category C. He is a professional handball player and is currently active in the Gorenje Velenje Handball Club. His sports career started in Slovenj Gradec, which has always been a town […]

Academia is the first Short-Cycle Higher Education Institution to recieved the certificate for a developed approach towards supporting dual career paths

Based on the research carried out by the Expert Group of the Athlete Friendly Education Certificate, Academia, College of Short-Cycle Higher Education, was approved for obtaining the certificate for its well-developed approach towards promoting of dual career paths and towards providing Athlete Friendly Education. The decision was approved on the 16th Regular Meeting of the Olympic Committee’s Executive Board […]